5S Work Culture

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The philosophy of 5S represents a way of focusing and thinking in order to better organize and manage workspace, specifically by eliminating the Wastes as defined by the Primary form of Lean Management system. It is one of the most widely used and fundamental components of Lean Management. It’s simple, common-sense application is highly effective and reliable as a stabilizing force in Lean strategies.

The 5 Steps are as follows:

  • Sort                           : Sort out & separate that which is needed & not needed in our Workspace
  • Set in Order            : Arrange items that are needed so that they are ready & easy to use. Clearly identify locations for all items so that anyone can find them & return them once the task is completed.
  • Shine                       : Clean the workplace & equipment on a regular basis in order to maintain standards & identify defects.
  • Standardise            : Revisit the first three of the 5S on a frequent basis and confirm the condition of the Gemba using standard procedures.
  • Sustain                   : Keep to the rules to maintain the standard & continue to improve every day.

5S workplace organisation:

5S relates to workplace organisation and forms a solid foundation upon which many organisations base their drive for continuous improvement. It is equally applicable & successful in all sectors helping to achieve high impact results.It is a systematic and methodical approach allowing teams to organise their workplace in the safest and most efficient manner. The discipline to check & repair equipment is included & adopted. The entire process is managed through the use of team generated audit documents, completed on an agreed frequency by responsible owners within the Gemba.


To be the Best Hotel in Yercaud with its product attributes as well as superlatives service standards to provide on unforgettable Experience


To Provide an unmatchable service, exceeding the expectation of our Guest in all spheres of activities

Our quality is never an accident.

We undertake to provide unparalleled quality in service by implementing SOPs, “Poka Yoke" to avoid human error, “KAIZENS” for Continuous Improvements and “Standardized Colour Coding” to ensure zero defects. All this is made possible through constant analysis of our guest feedback. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten

Grand Palace Hotel & Spa, is the 1st Hotel in India, which has successfully implemented “5S” (Japanese Work Culture) in Hotel Operation and Won the Platinum Award in 2017 from ABK AOTS – Dosakai.

Feel free to request our team members for a tour of the back of the house.