Grand Palace Hotel & Spa Yercaud

Grand Palace hotel and Spa in Yercaud is situated in an exceptionally magnificent location. It is undoubtedly the best resorts in Yercaud to stay. It has a beautiful garden which is very well maintained. Thus it can be categorized among the to couples for experiencing the most memorable honeymoon. It has a play area for kids too. Hence, if you want to experience absolute luxury and sophistication do visit the Grand Palace hotel and resort in Yercaud. We have facilities like a games room, meeting room, mini-fridge, etc. we are one of the luxurious hotels with a swimming pool. We also have a terrace for enjoying the beautiful views of the greenery around.

The place where you stay always plays a very fundamental role in making your trip enjoyable and memorable. The hospitality in the hotel, the delicious food, the luxurious amenities, etc plays a major role in the satisfaction you derive from a very satisfying trip. We are one of the best hotels in Yercaud to enjoy a blissful staycation. We provide the best experience you can ever imagine.