Hill station is always an astonishing place to visit if you want to spend your holiday with your family and loved ones valuably. Grand Palace Hotel and Spa, is one of the most outstanding place to stay in Yercaud offering the finest endearing view of Tamil Nadu. A star class accommodation with excellent facilities to stay and variety of food giving the best feast is the most important segment a person desires to get when in a holiday. Grand Palace Hotel and Spa serves you the best in both the factors.

“At the table with good friends and family you do not become old” is a proverb of Italy. Also we do follow that, the Grand Palace Hotel and Spa caters the optimum dinning service for all the guests who arrive to the hotel. We have a range of dining with different restaurants each providing a unique taste and style of food.

If you urge to try the wide variety of cuisines from around the world, then try it in our lobby level multicuisine restaurant, The Orange Restaurant. We sense your anticipation to have the privacy in dining, each table is particularly set based on that. Adding on to it, one always loves to have a breathtaking view from the restaurant to fulfill the perfect meal. The room guests can get the best breakfast complimentary served at The Orange Restaurant.

The unique clientage who appreciates elegance and dignity to unwind their love for comfort of our Lounge, Cloud 9 Lounge bar can cater the best service. Be it domestic or imported the lounge serves a wide variety of brands, why to leave the mock tails and cocktails, when you can always indulge in our extensive menu.

Are you feeling getting fresh air in a pool side is much comfortable with a glass in your hand than an elegant indoor atmosphere of a lounge? Dipsil –Seasonal give an ideal experience when you are in the mood to give time for yourself. An exquisite outdoor pool side bar on the sides of the silent valley, making your liquor time the most breathtaking and peaceful one.

You plan for a dream date on the pool sides facing an open air valley and how it would be if the dream comes true? Surprise your loved ones, with the candle light dinner in one of the best places in Yercaud, in the Altitude – Kitchen and bar. Indulge the fusion of freshness of ingredients and the breathtaking air making the dinning the best moment of your holiday times.

The new innovations of creativity in facilities and services engage you to experience a happy and peaceful dinning. No matter what age group you are, our dinning outlets make the best to serve the clients and that intellects for us having the widest variety of activities of disposal.