COVID19 Operation



We have taken all possible measures in light of the COVID-19 virus to keep your stay normal and smooth-flowing. All our team associates are informed of the latest developments and are ready to assist you in any way should you need anything. Here is a look at all the measures we have taken in each and every part of the hotel to ensure you remain safe.


For you:

ü  For a quick and safe check-in, we would request you to please send us your Government approved ID proof by email before the arrival date.

ü  We would also like you to please go through our safety booklet that informs and prepares you for the new normal.


For you:

ü  We request you to sit diagonally opposite to the chauffeur in the back seat of the car to maintain social distancing. And make sure there are not more than two people seated in the back seat.

ü  We would also request you to handle your own luggage as much as possible to minimise contact.

ü  It’s advisable to wear your mask at all times, specially while travelling in the car. If you don’t have one, please ask the chauffeur from Grand Palace Hotel and spa and he will provide you with one.

ü  If you need the chauffeur’s assistance, do let him know and he will do so after sanitizing your baggage/purse etc.


CARING FOR YOU ALWAYS Staff safety measures:

ü  To keep you protected, the chauffeurs will wear all personal protective gear as part of their uniform. The gear will include masks, gloves, aprons and goggles or face shields.

ü  In order to minimise contact, our chauffeurs have been advised to keep conversations to a minimum.

ü  Our cars are disinfected on every arrival using Virex 256 Spray cans, a disinfectant that’s approved safe for travel by both CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)


For you, at the entrance:

ü  Temperature check of all guests is mandatory before entering the hotel premises, we request all guests to please comply for everyone’s safety purposes.

ü  Kindly wear a face mask at all times when in the hotel. This is a compulsory precautionary step that must be adhered to for everyone’s safety.

ü  We have a specially created Sanitization Desk, and guests can approach them in case of any requirements like masks or hand sanitisers, etc.

ü  In order to ensure that you are completely protected your luggage will be disinfected again before it is taken into the hotel at a specially created separate station.


For you:

ü  We urge you to follow the floor markings to maintain social distance while waiting to check-in at the front desk.

ü  Kindly fill in self-declaration forms upon arrival. This will help us identify people who visited Red Zones in the last 14 days.

ü  As far as possible please make use of the online payment facility available at the front desk.

ü  We have hand sanitizers placed at all key points in the hotel, please make use of them.

ü  We request you to maintain a social distance of 6 feet always.


Other safety measures:

ü  Guests arriving from restricted countries or regions, will be allowed to check-in first, to ensure that they don’t spend much time at the front desk.

ü  To ensure social distancing and minimal contact we have temporarily suspended baggage assistance and room escorting. If you require baggage assistance, it will be brought in a separate lift and left outside your allotted room.


For you:

ü  All the frequently touched surfaces in the room are sanitised by our trained housekeeping team as a special protocol and are safe to touch.

ü  The surfaces sanitized include door handles, minibar handle, TV remotes, chair handles, telephones, bathroom handles, shower handles, toilet seat covers, health faucet and wash basin tap and other surfaces in the room.

ü  We have also on request a specially created immunity booster kit to room, do use it to stay healthy and protected.

ü  In case you wish to be extra careful and need personal protective equipment available, arrangement to purchase can be made by contacting the front desk.

ü  Room linen will be changed once in two days only.

ü  For your safety, other housekeeping services like in-room evening service, bathroom cleaning are temporarily suspended to ensure social distancing and minimal contact during your stay. But if you need any of these services, please Dial 33.


Services available on demand:

ü  To change linen every day, a clean cloth bag with required sanitised linen and terry will be handed over to you to help yourselves. Kindly place the soiled linen in the same bag seal and leave it outside your room.

ü  For minibar and tea/coffee amenities, please Dial 33.

ü  If you want, complimentary Cookies will be delivered to your room upon request.

ü  Only a single one-time-use bath amenity will be available in the bathroom.

Other amenities will be delivered to the room upon request only. Please Dial 33.


For you:

ü  If the restaurant is overcrowded, we request you to wait in the room or have food delivered to the room.

ü  Before entering the restaurant, please use the sanitization station kept at the guest desk.

ü  Please use cotton balls at the sanitization desk to clean phones and credit cards before use.

ü  If you’re in the restaurant but are not eating, kindly wear a face mask.


What we are doing:

ü  To ensure social distancing at all our restaurants, tables will be separated by a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other.

ü  If you are travelling together as a family, we have arranged tables to suit your needs as well. To ensure we go the extra mile, all tables are sanitized after every use.

ü  We will use only disposable paper napkins at all our restaurants and the cutlery is specially sanitized and packed. If you’d like to use disposable cutlery, please ask for the same.

ü  Our associates will maintain a two feet distance while taking orders and serving. To keep your dining experience uninterrupted,

ü  you can now find our restaurant menus online from our Google page or collected Menu on WhatsApp’s

ü  All menu tablets are sanitized regularly. We are avoiding buffets in order to ensure dining is a safe experience for all. The hotel will instead have a table d’hôte-fixed menu for breakfast. Please inform our associate of your choice and we will serve your meal at the table.


What we are doing:

ü  To ensure that you maintain social distance even while you dine, we have placed all our tables at a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other.

ü  We will not be having seating at the bar counter. To keep the dining experience easy, our menu cards available from our Google page or collected Menu on WhatsApp’s

ü  Our staff will maintain a minimum two feet distance while taking order and serving to maintain social distance.


ü  To ensure a contactless dining experience, all in-room orders will be handed over at entrance of each room.

ü  We have also advised our staff not to enter any room unless the guest specifically wants the food to be delivered inside, even then they have been told to maintain social distancing.

ü  Kindly excuse us if it takes longer than usual for your orders to reach the room as we have strict protocols to be followed for every delivery order.

For you:

ü  Once you complete your meal, we request you to leave the tray outside your room.

ü  Please Dial 55 to have the food trays cleared.


For you:

Guests with symptoms of cold, running nose, cough, fever and sneezing will not be allowed to use the facility.

What we are doing:

ü  We ensure that the correct Chlorine (1.5 to 3PPM) and PH (7.2 to 7.8) levels are maintained at all times.

ü  We sanitize all pool loungers and safety equipment after every use.

ü  If you’d like we have special sanitized towels for your use. All you need to do is just ask!


For you:

ü  To ensure we deliver your clothes on the same day, our laundry service will be available from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

ü  Please fill the laundry sheet and keep the laundry outside your room and call the One touch service (please Dial 33) for laundry pick up.


What we are doing:

ü  All our laundry bags will be sanitized before processing.

ü  Once we complete your laundry, it will be kept outside the room and you will be informed.



What we are doing:

ü  We at Grand Palace hotel and Spa ensure all public areas are completely disinfected at regular intervals with internationally approved sanitizers round the clock.

ü  We focus on the key touch points in public areas like – taps, telephones, tabletops, door handles, lift buttons, light switches, public areas bathrooms, counter tops, water closet seats for disinfecting and steam cleaning protocols relentlessly.



ü  We request you to please follow the floor markings to maintain social distancing while waiting to check-out, at the front desk.

ü  Kindly make use of the online payment facility available at the front desk.

ü  We will not accept currency notes.

ü  We will directly send the invoice to your mail, please make the most of this facility to spend less time at the front desk.

What we are doing:

ü  We sanitize the room keys after every guest use.

ü  In order to maintain a safe environment, we check and screen all employees on a daily basis. We also have limited their numbers to a bare minimum.

ü  If any guests are observed with symptoms, they will be quarantined in the room and the local authorities will be informed.

ü  We will not be allowing visitors from outside to the guest rooms. No outside food delivery vendors will also be allowed.